October 2012 Newsletter

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Just a reminder that I am offering $10 off one treatment with me before October 31, 2012. Since I believe that word of mouth is the most powerful referral source, you always receive a $20 referral credit for any referrals you make at anytime.

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Cold and Flu Season

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Fall weather. With the season changing many of us are experiencing colds and flus. Acupuncture can be a very effective to help boost the immune system to prevent colds and flus as well as deal with the symptoms if you do get sick. In particular acupuncture can help deal with the following symptoms:

Monthly Tip:

Fall is the season of the Lung and Large Intestine
One of the most wonderful things about Chinese Medicine is the philosophy that we live in harmony with nature. Ancient Chinese healers observed the seasons and recorded everyday practices to stay in harmony with our bodies and the environment. Each season corresponds to various parts of the body.

Fall is associated with:

Fall corresponds to the lung, large intestine, and skin. The lung and large intestine are in charge of respiration, digestion, and elimination of waste. Imbalances of the lung and large intestine can manifest as asthma, sinus congestion, shortness of breath, constipation and skin issues (eczema and acne). During this time of year, the body is more susceptible to exposure to wind and cold.

Lung Channel

Foods for the season:

In the fall, eat less uncooked cold foods such as salads and raw vegetables. Add more steamed vegetables such as winter quash, yams, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. A great food to start your day is oatmeal. Here are some additional foods that support the lung and large intestine:

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