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Teresa is a master of her art. She has the right mix of art and science to master her craft. I have seen Teresa for sports injuries for years and now am seeing her for fertility treatment. Having been through a recent miscarriage Teresa was wonderful about taking through how acupuncture can be used to treat the grief, rebuild the body and help with future fertility. I left feeling excited, supported and hopeful. I would recommend Teresa to anyone for a host of things!

L. in Seattle, WA

She is gentle, thorough and knowledgable about what she is doing. I felt that she truely listened to my needs and came up with a great plan to help me. I came in with a pretty negative mood (due to daily stresses that I've been dealing with) and I left with a goofy smile on my face and a great positive feeling. I still feel that way the next day. I would recommend Teresa to anyone. I am very excited to continue seeing her :)

J. in Seattle, WA

I have been seeing Teresa since 2010 for different sports injuries and other issues. Teresa helped heal a sports injury that almost kept me from my goal of completing Ironman Canada.

S. in Seattle, WA

Teresa is a skilled practitioner that balances eastern and western philosophies in her practice. She is a great listener and genuinely cares about her patients. I also appreciate that she is very responsive, bounces quickly back to emails and uses an easy online scheduling system. Highly recommend!!

E. in Seattle, WA

Teresa is amazing!! I've been seeing her for almost two years – primarily for back injuries, but she's also able to treat other ailments as they occur (sickness, sleep problems, etc). I find her treatments to be very effective. I really appreciate how thoughtful and intuitive she is in each session. She never assumes that the last treatment is the right one – she does a thorough evaluation of my current physical state. She is also very gentle. I was initially recommended to her since I am needle-phobic, and she has been patient with me through the fear. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you have never tried acupuncture.

B. in Seattle, WA

Having worked in health care for many years I was quite excited to find an acupuncturist that is willing to listen and be open to both Western and Chinese medicine. After seeing Theresa off and on for over a year by choice I have to say she has: a caring heart, sound knowledge, excellent clinical skills, communicates effectively, simple and comfortable atmosphere, and reasonable rates.

J. in Seattle, WA

Teresa's treatments are life-giving! She is attentive and intuitive, i look forward to my treatment every week! I am a very sensitive person with a complicated read, and she keeps trying with humility and grace to fine-tune a sluggish, fatigued, head-ache prone, allergic, exhausted soul! Best place to get needled in Seattle, hands down!!!!

E. in Seattle, WA

Teresa is amazing. I have been going to her for digestive and shoulder issues for about 6 months and she is thorough and effective. My shoulder pain has pretty much disappeared and my digestive issues have gotten so much better. She is the perfect acupuncturist for someone who isn't sure that acupuncture is for them. She is definitely not California Woo Woo. If you have been thinking about trying acupuncture, but want to go to someone who knows what they are doing, but very practical, Teresa is the person to go to. You will get results.

S. in Seattle, WA

Teresa Savarino is a terrific clinician. She is professional, attentive, and adjusts her treatments at each visit to meet my needs. When I first started seeing her a few months ago I could hardly move my arms/elbows due to longstanding repetitive-stress issues. Three months later, having had no other treatment, I am pain free. I really can't believe it. I was skeptical of acupuncture initially, and now I recommend Teresa to everyone I know.

J. in Seattle, WA

Teresa has successfully helped me with three specific problems: allergies, stress and sports injury healing / pain. My allergies are compounded by physical sinus problems. Teresa has been able to help me with my allergy problems significantly. Her treatment is the sole reason I could keep my running race plans for the remainder of the year. My personal and work stress can be quite high. Teresa has effectively addressed my stress related issues and I have been able to stay off of high blood pressure medication. While training for both a triathlon and a marathon this year, Teresa has kept me going. She is both adept at speeding recovery and pain. Her intuitive healing skills are amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

M. in Seattle, WA

I'm 57 years old and have been to 5 acupuncturists throughout my life who have all been good but they either had a problem communicating in English or their location was really hard to find parking, or I had to walk a mile from where I parked, etc. In general, they all approached my treatment very routine like.

While preparing for a major surgery on 12/4 I decided to have acupuncture treatments from Teresa Savarino before and after the surgery. I have no doubt that having the pre and post surgery acupuncture made my recovery much easier to handle and faster.

Teresa is the first acupuncturist that explains the meridians and how they are connected to this and that while she works on me. I have severe asthma, TOS, bursitis and overwhelming stress but when I get done with a treatment, I don't even know I have pain. My body is very receptive to the tuning forks and some other techniques that Teresa uses that I can't remember the name of!

I rated her a 5 because: She is the best acupuncturist I've ever been to; she communicates well; she really listens to my concerns; the location is easily accessed off the freeway; parking is extremely convenient and free for the first hour; and I only have to walk a short distance into the building.

PS – Don't be fooled by the young look – She has the insight and knowledge of a very old soul.

M. in Burien, WA

Teresa gave me my first acupuncture treatment ever. She made the experience extremely comfortable. She went into detail explanation about everything she was doing, and I felt completely relaxed the entire time. I had been having some pain in my hip for a few months, and after one treatment the pain went away. I would strongly recommend her. I felt like I had received an hour long massage afterwards. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

M. in Lombard, IL

I have been seeing Teresa for a few weeks. She has been helping me with some digestive issues I've been having for quite some time. My digestion is getting better each week. I also have received treatments for migraines and stress.The treatment she did for my high level of stress at the beginning of the year was amazing. I was surprised my the amount of relief I had. Her technique and explanation of what she is doing at each session have been very informative. I highly recommend seeing Teresa.

R. in Renton, WA

Teresa is currently my acupuncturist, and she is very professional and knows her stuff. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for this kind of treatment. My sessions with her have been extremely focused and helpful.

S. in Seattle, WA

After years of suffering from carpal tunnel, regular acupuncture treatments have completely alleviated my pain and greatly improved my range of motion. I now get treatments at Acupuncture Savvy for everything ranging from stress relief, anxiety, heartburn, muscle soreness, and more. Teresa's ability to diagnose medical issues and collaborate with patients on their specific medical goals is amazing. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.

R. in Seattle, WA

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