April 2013 Newsletter

Spring is in the air

It has been a few months since I have sent out a newsletter. I have decided to scale back on how often I send out the newsletter from monthly to once a season. In addition, I will be including information from other resources that I believe you may find interesting.

The dark, dreary days of winter have passed, and Spring has made its way to Seattle. The plants and trees are starting to bloom and push through the soil. There is a healthy tension of growth and renewal. Some of us feel this with the urge to complete projects and rid of excess clutter by purging our homes. In Chinese Medicine, springtime is Yang time of year focused on energy and renewal, and the primary organ is the liver.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, the liver is in charge of moving qi through the body. When the liver is imbalanced, it tends to act as a bully towards the other organs resulting in feelings of depression, irritation, and frustration. Physical symptoms can be digestive issues such as sighing, heaviness in the chest, IBS, tendonitis, menopause, and PMS. The liver manifests in the fingernails, so take a look at your nails to see if they are pink and strong.

Acupuncture is a great way to support the body's natural desire to to cleanse and detox. The treatments help settle and soothe the liver so it is able to function as effectively as possible. Other benefits of acupuncture and nutrition during this time are clearer thoughts, better digestion, more energy and weight loss.

Monthly Tip:

Nutrition is an important way to support the liver:

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